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To contact us by email,  Click here  or copy the address  

Adventive IDEAS LLC

Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Telephone: 609-924-6110

Fax:        609-924-0051

Hours:  Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM EST




ActiVHeat rechargeable battery heated apparel consists of  rechargeable battery heated jackets and rechargeable battery heated vests .

Ward off late fall & winter chills with these stylish heated garments that include rechargeable battery heated vests and heated jackets and heated clothes and heated gloves and heated glove liners and heated socks.

Don’t let the cold weather limit your winter activities!

Stay toasty warm when you’re out in the cold with these rechargeable heated microfleece jackets and vests.

Ideal for active lifestyles — hiking, biking, golfing, skiing or outdoor events! A simple press of a button activates micro-thin carbon fibers to quickly warm you up.


keep you warm when it cold, the electrically battery heated jacket or battery electric heated jackets and rechargeable battery heated vests or heated vests use carbon fibers to warm up and heat up your body to provide heat and warmth to the key areas of your body


How it works. The ActiVHeat heating system contains new technology that uses very thin carbon microfibers, a hi-tech material invented for the aerospace industry. These carbon microfibers are integrated into your ActiVHeat heated garment to provide warmth to your body.

The ActiVHeat heated or heating garments reliably and safely warm your core and  also stimulate  blood circulation in your chest and back for up to five hours of continuous heating. It uses safe, low-power far infrared rays to transmit heat from the carbon fiber heating elements integrated into the heated garment.

Simple to use. The ActiVHeat heated garment and heated apparel are connected to a heat level controller by simple plug connectors. The controller is easily accessed by partially unzipping the front zipper. The rechargeable battery pack is located in an interior pocket for easy access. The controller and battery pack are easily removed when not required or for recharging the battery pack or washing of the garment.

Rechargeable Battery Powered. The lightweight intelligent rechargeable battery pack uses one of the safest available lithium rechargeable battery technologies and is quickly charged up using the included AC wall charger and cable.

Safe. The ActiVHeat heated garments and battery packs have been rigorously tested by an internationally renowned independent testing laboratory. More details can be found at the bottom of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Range. We currently offer both ActiVHeat  jackets and vests.