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Adventive IDEAS LLC brings you a selection of decorative products for everyday life.


Decorative Accents

Most of our products are designed exclusively for direct import customers and are not shown on our website. Further, many of our products are patented


Art Glass Aroma Sun catchers

Solar Lighted Hummingbird Feeders with Hand-blown glass

Solar Fountains

Non-Solar Portable Lighting

 Rechargeable Candle Lights

 Rechargeable Outdoor Umbrella Lights

 Battery Grill Lights

 Battery Candle Decor


Aroma Suncatcher Blue/GreenAroma Suncatcher Red/GreenAroma Suncatcher Pink/Red



ContactContactContactContactContactSolar FountainFlickering Candle Lanterns
Electric Flickering Candle Lantern30 LED Umbrella Light24 LED umbrella Light