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Heated car & picnic blanket



























































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Warm. Stylish. Soft.

· Car travel is often chilly - but not with this cuddly heated blanket. It's warm, fleecy, durable, lightweight, and ELECTRIC! Plug it into your car's lighter socket, it's warm in minutes and is a real treat on those cold early mornings. For front/Back seats, long/short trips, car camping, boats.

· This washable fleece fabric will keep you warm even when its not plugged in! But your passengers will surely appreciate it when it is.

· Further, this car blanket is invaluable on those long winter car journeys. It can also be useful during summer, when your air conditioning is blasting. This car blanket is great outside the car as well. The long cord allows you to get it out at tailgate parties, picnics, anywhere as long as the blanket can be plugged in!

· Dirt? No problem!  It’s fully machine washable (no covers) – great for kids.

· Ultra soft - no stiff bulky heating wires like other heated car blankets!

· Convertible! - use anywhere – car, home,  stadium, picnic & more – 12V power cable detaches!

· Invisible Heating Wires. Using our new  ultra-thin carbon fiber heating technology, this heated blanket is so supple you can’t feel any stiff bulky heating wires just the softness of the luxurious fleece fabric.

· Rapid penetrating even heat – No hot spots. Using our new patent-pending rapid low power density heating, our ActiVHeat® technology generates evenly distributed warmth throughout the blanket.

· Easy care. – it’s fully machine washable! The power cable detaches for washing or when heating is not required for long periods of time and can be stored in a neat pocket built into the blanket so it won’t be misplaced

· Battery Saver!  It also includes an ON/OFF switch on the plug, a power indicator light and a safety two hour timer that automatically switches off the heater after two hours to avoid draining the car battery if left unattended.

· Decorative colors and quilted fabrics are also available.

· OEM orders welcome.

· Patent Pending.

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