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Battery heated sock liners



























































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Warm your feet when you want.

On-Demand Electric Heat.

· When bulky socks are not an option our heated liners give you the warmth you need without the bulk. 

· Easy care – fully machine washable.

· Fits in all shoes.

· Great for late fall, winter, & early spring activities.

· Ideal for intermittent physical cold weather activities -Adjustable Heat for active “Start-Stop” activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, gardening, raking,  snow shoveling, etc. via easy Hi-LOW-OFF heat control switch.

Click here for Battery heated Sock Liners on our consumer site

Comfortable form-fitting cut with generous flexibility and stretch - No bulky heating wires! You’ll have no complaints about the cold when these new high tech ActiVHeat heated sock liners keep your feet warm as toast.

Great for late fall, winter, early spring winter sports or other activities.

A winner for Start-Stop winter activities! Normal sock insulation only traps body heat, & can be overwhelmed if it’s too cold for the weight of the insulation. Bulky insulated socks may also reduce your comfort in tight fitting footwear. Further, most socks can't change their essential functions on the fly. So in stop-and-start activities, you find yourself sweating heavily while you're working hard (shoveling snow, hiking) & get cold feet when you take a break.

No longer! Our ActiVHeat sock liners solve both these problems, generating foot warmth when you need it, and moisture wicking when you don’t. You can turn off our ActiVHeat sock liners when exercising to prevent overheating and turn them on again during rest periods to prevent that after exercise chill. If the weather turns warmer, you can detach the battery packs easily, and the wicking ActiVHeat becomes a regular sock and ensures dry feet with or without the batteries.

How it works. Using new heating technology that uses very thin carbon microfibers to conduct heat and powered by 3 compact AA batteries, our ActiVHeat heated sock liners reliably warm your feet and also stimulate the blood circulation for up to four hours of warmth & can easily fit in all shoes, providing adjustable warmth. It uses safe, low-power far infrared rays to transmit heat from the carbon fiber heating elements sewn into the sock liner. The AA battery packs can be removed to machine wash the sock liners. The liners are both washable and flexible while at the same time soft to the touch.

Using your ActiVHeat liners. The fabric battery pack wrap slips easily over your foot or around your leg. The liner is connected to the battery pack by an expandable and easily removable cable that connects via a simple plug and socket. The battery pack can be easily removed from the fabric battery pack wrap when not required or for charging or washing of the sock liner and/or ankle strap.

Being so thin, the sock liner slips easily into your shoes, ski boots, snowboarding boots hiking boots  and even under a second pair of socks.

Easily accessed HI-LOW-OFF variable heat control switch on the ankle strap has a lighted 2 color  feedback for easy heat control.

Invisible Heating Wires. Using our rapid low power density heating technology, our patented heating technology warms your feet from beneath and is so supple you can’t feel any heating wires when worn.

Easy care. Being fully machine-washable and made of a blend of wool, nylon and polyester, when it is time to wash the sock liners, just remove the battery compartments and the power cables detach for washing or when heating is not required for long periods of time. Uses 3 x AA non-rechargeable batteries per foot (not included).

Patent Pending.

Click here for Battery heated Sock Liners on our consumer site