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Heated Bedding



























































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Sleep Warm. Sleep Safe.

All Night. All Year.

with our NEW electrically-heated bedding range including:

· Heat Therapy mattress pads;

· Luxury all-year down-filled heated comforters;

· Luxury all-year down-filled heated blankets;

· All-year cotton heated comforters; and

· All-year polar fleece warming blankets/throws.

NEW luxurious all-season heated bedding fabrics.

Forget boring electric blankets!

No risk of electrocution! Ultra Safe! offers safest low voltage technology.

No risk of overheating! – Sleep Sentry® temperature protection system ensures bedding cannot overheat.

No dangerous radiation! - Uses DC current so no harmful electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF).

No Allergies! Easy to maintain! Machine washable and dryer safe at HOT temperatures to kill dust mites and their by-products which are known allergens. Also dry cleanable.

No bulky wires!  - Uses new patent pending imperceptibly thin, soft, invisible heating elements.

No hot and cold spots! – Penetrating even warmth across the fabric.

All–Year Use! No need to change the bedding each season – just lower the heat levels or unplug and convert to non-heated bedding in warmer months.

Safety First. Using low voltage direct current means no risk of electrocution, and produces no measurable and dangerous EMF radiation (Electric –Magnetic field).

Invisible heat. Our thin, soft and durable heated fabric is unlike other heated blankets which use traditional metal heating wire - ours provides a comfortable non-electric fabric-like feel.

Luxurious new all- year heated bedding fabrics. Because of our heating fabric can be sewn through, product opportunities are available to incorporate different types of quilting patterns such as diamond and box-stitch providing a luxurious look and feel! Available with a fabric comforter, inserted with fiber, cotton or natural down.

Multiple Heating Zones. - More heat at your feet, less for your upper body, least under your head. Generates very evenly distributed warmth in each zone using our rapid-heating carbon fiber low power density heat technology.

Heat Therapy. Our heating technology generates proven penetrating far Infra-red waves that help the body’s micro-circulation of your body. Each carbon fiber emits beneficial bio-genetic waves of far-infrared across most of the surface of the fabric as it is activated by the low voltage electric current. Bio-genetic waves have been shown to promote the healing and growth of living cells especially in plants, animals and humans.

Personalized Control. Three warming settings for personalized comfort, dual controls on larger sizes, suitable for Preheat and All Night use with a 10 hour safety auto-off timer.

Energy Saving. Turn down your room thermostat and save on your heating bill.


Heated mattress pad


Real Sleep Solutions

to Real Sleep Problems.



Sleeping well

Problem: “I’m always cold , he’s always hot”

Solution: His and hers heat controls on our larger sizes heated bedding.

Problem: “I hate the look of those bland warming blankets, they don’t match my bedroom style.”

Solution: Our heated comforters fit inside a duvet cover.

Problem: “I like a lofty look on my bed but I don’t want too many layers.”

Solution: Our heated  comforters are filled with a high fill stuffing and all you need to add are sheets.

Problem: “I sleep Eurostyle with a duvet and comforter – I need adjustable heat on demand.”

Solution: Our adjustable heated comforter range will fit right inside your duvet cover and you can control your comfort precisely with dual controls on some models.

Problem: “I get bored with the same color warming blanket draped all year long on my bed – why can’t it be reversible like my daughter’s comforter?”

Solution: Our cotton heated comforters can be made with reversible colors – great for different seasons.

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