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Solar Candle Lantern

US Pat # 7,377,667


solar news

News about Adventive IDEAS.

Adventive IDEAS granted Solar Candle Lantern patent by US Patent Office

PRINCETON , New Jersey, USAMay 27, 2008 -- Adventive IDEAS LLC, a developer of lighting products, today announced it has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for its solar-powered simulated candle lantern invention.

Adventive IDEAS develops and markets innovative consumer electrical and electronic products with a focus on solar powered outdoor lighting via its direct import program.

The patent number 7,377,667 is for an “Light Device.” It protects Adventive IDEAS’s innovative solar-powered simulated candle lantern. This patent is the most recent addition to the company’s expanding portfolio of intellectual property, which currently includes 7 pending US patent applications. Several further continuation-in-part patent applications for this product range are still pending.

"We are very pleased to announce that 8 claims related to this patent have been accepted by the US Patent Office”, Simon Richmond, President of Adventive IDEAS noted. “This represents the ongoing patent issuance of our long term intellectual property strategic development program”.





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