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Solar Light

Try-me Package

US Pat # 7,967,465


solar news

News about Adventive IDEAS.

Adventive IDEAS granted 1st Try-Me Solar Light packaging patent by US Patent Office

PRINCETON , New Jersey, USAJune 28, 2011 -- Adventive IDEAS LLC, a developer of lighting products, today announced it has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for its solar light” try-me” consumer packaging that supports the retail store sales of its range innovative SOLA*scapeÒ solar-powered garden lights.

Show and Tell! A shopper shouldn't have to guess how a solar light will look at night in their yard. A simple push button right on the package lights up the solar light through a window in the darkened box interior.  Increase conversion, manage shopper expectations, lower store returns and display special functions such as extra bright LEDs, color changing lighting or simulated candle lighting.  Best for stores where a fixed display is not desired.

Patented Try-me Solar Light packaging box

The patent number 7,967,465 is for a solar-powered “Light Device” with an integrated “try me” packaging.  It further enhances promoting of Adventive IDEAS’s innovative series of patented solar color changing path lights. This patent is the most recent addition to the company’s expanding portfolio of intellectual property. A further continuation-in-part patent application for this technology is still pending.

"We are very pleased to announce that multiple claims related to this patent have been accepted by the US Patent Office”, Simon Richmond, President of Adventive IDEAS noted. “This represents the ongoing patent issuance within our long term intellectual property strategic development program. This patent award also demonstrates our dedication to our innovation. It applies to several of our current solar powered lights, and to a new range of solar lights that was launched in May at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada”.



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